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A few pictures taken by me :)

1. A scintillating sunrise on a cold, wintry morning in Nashville. The color saturation was achieved by giving a 3 second exposure.

2. Shot at a pullout on the Natchez Trace Pkwy in Tennessee during Autumn. The waterfall was given a mellifluous character by a slow shutter speed.

3. Using my tripod, I overexposed the film a little bit to give the stream a cottonlike, turbid appearance. (Fall Creek falls, TN)

A    little    about    myself    ...

Hello world,

I'm 29, from Bombay -India and speak a language called Konkani. I've had the opportunity to work in Dublin - Ireland, Nashville - Tennessee and Cherry Hill - New Jersey. Yes, I am a software professional! My hobbies include SLR photography, hiking, travelling, listening to music (almost all genres) and of course making friends and being one! I'm happily married to Nandita since 15-May-1998. "Relish the moment" and "Live life to the fullest". Take care and hope to hear from you soon ... The pictures that you see above are taken in gorgeous Tennessee using my Canon EOS Rebel XS camera. I used a tripod due to the slow shutter speeds, but the results are dramatic ;-D .... Cheers, Rajesh

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